Take Your Career from Writer to Mogul

In our content-driven era why shouldn’t the content creators be the rockstars?
Mogul Live is here to help you build and monetize your lifestyle brand.


In partnership with Mogul Studios; a global marketing, entertainment and business development company, we provide a range of services that propel the careers of journalists.

Our goal is to expand the possibilities for journalists beyond just contributing content. We want to open the doors to having your own podcasts, digital shows, courses, tours and more.

Build a lifestyle brand without the limitations


A Premium Network Built to Help You Grow.

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Reach Premium Audiences

Our sites attract premium audiences between the ages of 22-55 that enjoy great content that adds value to their lives.

Production Partners

Our producers will help you produce your podcasts & digital-shows, tours, documentaries, and all content for our network.

Distribution Deals

Your content can also be distributed on other platforms, including; Tidal, Netflix, Hulu, YoutubeTV, VICE, and others.

The Benefits

Monetize. Develop. Grow Your Passion.

The Internet has opened the door for talented professionals to build amazing careers, to help you take advantage, we have built a toolkit of benefits that help you grow.

  • 60% Revenue Share

    Long-form content (750+ words) are paid on delivery for editor-requested content, however, we do provide a revenue share for all short form content. To ensure ALL who move the culture forward are rewarded, we provide a 60% revenue share for content you contribute.

  • Production Deals

    Launch your podcast or digital show with us as your producers. Its your show, so we won’t question your vision.

    We’ll take care of the production, marketing, sponsorships and shopping the show to Netflix, HBO, Tidal, etc.

  • Influencer Campaigns

    Premium brands are always approaching us to match them with objective reviewers to alert the public of their products.

    Reviews are never paid. However, appearances and endorsement deals are paid.

  • 1 Year of Moguls VIP

    Save $479+ on your first year of a must have VIP membership of Moguls VIP.

    Get access to our private events, executive level job offers, luxury partner gifts, and much more.

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  • Speaking Opportunities

    We host panels, talks, and industry events that our journalists get first dibs on speaker requests.

    Also, journalists get to sell their books at our pop-up events, LIVE-streams, and industry panels.

  • Consulting with Brands

    Jounrnalists are experts in their fields with years of insight and industry knowledge. Put that knowledge to work with consulting jobs from our partner brands looking to innovate and launch new products.

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