You may have noticed many articles written with “slang” that you may not immediately identify. Below are a few of the most popular terms used and their translated definition.

P.S. These are just a few. To fully understand the culture you have to organically grow with us. No short-cuts.

MOGULING – the activity of an individual challenging themselves to be their best mentally, physically and spiritually.

POWER CIRCLE – a network of non-competing friends that compliment each other and are working towards mutual success.

CHECK PLZ – opting to leave a situation that is not profitable to neither your soul or bank account.

BLOCKA – an individual or organization willfully working against the progress of another.

KWEEN – a woman that has subscribed to being the best version of herself physically, mentally, spiritually and financially.

PAID IN FULL – the option to receive full payment for your work rather than credit, “fame”, or short-term emotional happiness.

WE-UP  – Being on alert.

BETWEEN THE BREAD – spiritually fulfilling activities that makes life meaningful.