Editorial Guidelines

What are the benefits?

For a full list of all the benefits that our writers receive please check out the Journalist Program

What information should be in my bio?

A maximum of 320 characters are allowed for bios, therefore we recommend a brief story of your history, what drives you, and details of your main project/company.

What should you write about?

Our audience is predominately creative and affluent professionals between 21-45. They work in the finance, technology, fashion, media, and art industries. They love investigative pieces that are very insightful, thought provoking, and exposes them to ideas they unaware of. These types of articles tend to be 300-7000 words.

We normally deliver this content in the form of:

  • Breaking news headlines
  • Expert panel commentary
  • Opinion pieces
  • Interviews (podcasts, written, live stream, and print)
  • Runway photos and commentary
  • Product releases and reviews

Is there any content you are specifically looking for?

We post all our current content needs within our journalist only Facebook group. You must have applied for a journalist account and be approved to be able to join the private journalist group.

How do I pitch content?

Each website has a pitch site which can be accessed by adding  /pitch to the url of the site. Below is a quick list of all pitch site access (you must be logged in as a journalist to access the page.)

Do we reprint articles?

Yes, we do allow reprints.

Are photos needed for articles?

Yes a featured photo is mandatory for your article. Please make sure the photo is at least 600x wide, high resolution, and no larger than 2MB (megabyte).

How long does it take for my article to be approved?

Turn around time is usually 2-3 days maximum. Our editors will be in contact with you for any changes. However, we reserve the right to edit the article before it is published to the public.

How will I know my article has been approved?

You will receive an email notification with the direct link to the view the published article.

What should I do after my article goes live?

Share, share, and share even more.

I still have more questions

You can contact the editorial team at [email protected]